Thursday, March 25, 2010

10% Tanning Tax

Where's all the white women? Don't worry Sheriff Bart, they'll soon be everywhere. In yet another move to decrease, not create, jobs Obamacare will install a 10% tax on tanning bed time. Twenty thousand tanning salons across the nation will be affected. But, it's okay, their clientèle is mostly younger, white women that don't vote.

The Progressives are sure that these cigarette smoking, booze drinking, gals won't mind one more little sun... er, sin tax. Besides, those UV rays can't be good for you. Once again, liberals step in to save us from ourselves, and if they happen to steal some cash while doing it, even better.

How did they decide to go after white women, the majority demographic in this country? They planned on holding up cosmetic surgeons for 5% of their wet work. A Bo-tax on Botox if you will. One little flaw, those surgeons are rich and powerful. Tanning salon owners, not so much.

The cosmetic surgeons claimed that the Bo-tax was discriminatory towards women, as they get the majority of the nip and tucks. So they bought... er, talked the lib machine into taking 10% from the tanners, instead of 5% from the doctors.

So instead of 5 billion over the next ten years, from the surgeons, the Progressives settled for half that much from the tanning industry. Why? Either one of these holdups unfairly singles out white women for some extra tax milking.

On one hand you have the cosmetic surgery patients. A little older, a little more affluent than the tanning babes. Which group is more liable to vote, or make a political donation? The Progs must have spent two, three minutes deciding which way that wind was blowing.

Shouldn't NOW take up for these women? Nah, no need for NOW to get their panties all in a wad over these party girls. Right? Don't worry, NOW won't talk back to their pimps. They know the Dems ain't much, but they're all they have. Now, NOW get back out there on that track and make big daddy some money.

Just remember, it's all fun and games until it happens to you. And, that crew in D.C. will leave no dime unturned.


  1. Taxes? We don'thave enough yet. Just imagine how much the government boys can collect if they tax the Internet.Then they can put luxury taxes on owners of gas Guzzling SUVs. Oh yeah, we can add taxes to your insurance benefits being every one is supposed to have insurance and best of all; taxes on the air we breath. The government can sure knock out the deficit then or spend more on their pork barrell projects.

    Yeah! That sounds great.

    What we need is a house cleaning in Washington. The senate too.

    Photogr for President. Join the Silver Back party.No more monkey business.

  2. Hey Photo! Looks like you get it. This isn't about tanning beds... it's about free trade and freedom of choice.

    Photogr in 2012!!!

  3. Georgia governor Sonny Perdue (R.) will appoint a "special Attorney General" to sue the federal government over Obamacare! Go, Sonny!