Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Unprogressive Progressive

Most rational people know that job creation is almost non-existent because employers will not hire people right now due to uncertainty about the future. They don't know what the tax structure will be in two years, they don't know if they will be forced to supply healthcare, and they have no idea if the EPA will backdoor cap and trade sanctions on them. They simply will not hire new people as long as the current administration continues to foist unpopular, anti-business, socialism upon them.

Earlier this week President Obama tried to blame ATMs and airport self-serve kiosks for high unemployment numbers; as if ATMs are displacing bank tellers. He can not possibly be that stupid, but he evidently believes his supporters are. As usual the main stream media overlooked this outright lie. Imagine the uproar if Sarah Palin uttered the same inanities as the man from Harvard.

The number of bank tellers is steadily rising, and the Bureau of Labor statistics predicts "favorable" job prospects for tellers over the next decade. So, try again, sir. Perhaps, your base will believe that the automobile industry is keeping all of the blacksmiths out of work. Or, the light bulb factories are responsible for all the candle makers currently on unemployment.