Sunday, September 26, 2010

Liberal Logic

I've searched high and low for examples of the illusive liberal logic. I haven't had much luck in discovering any as of yet. Still the hunt continues, no lame excuse goes unturned.

Liberal logic, evidently, requires one to believe the President every time he blames the previous administration for his failures. Twenty months into the new gig and B.O. is still blaming the old guy. Just give that a try at your next job review.....

Boss: Barry, you seem to be having some difficulty grasping your responsibilities here at USA.
Barry: I'm still trying to clean up George's mess.
Boss: George hasn't been here in almost two years.
Barry: I know.
Boss: Okay, then. Here's a big fat raise.

It might not work quite like that here in the real world. Here in the real world, where you get paid by what you produce, excuses are for losers. Whether its your fault or not, you own every problem. You take responsibility. If you want that job title, if you want to be the lead dog, you have to show real leadership. The blame game doesn't cut it out here.

Sure, the President has his Obamabots, who, also, have never been responsible for producing, at work or at home. That must be why they expect no better from their hero. That is hard to believe considering how intelligent these liberals like to think they are.

Yet, there they are, believing that Obama is not smart enough to correct any of Bush's problems. Why, he's overwhelmed. He wasn't smart enough to realize before the election how screwed up everything was. In a year and half he has not fixed anything. If anything, everything he touches gets worse.