Saturday, July 23, 2011

Corporate Jets are Killing U.S. Economy

Just five or six months ago Barack Obama floated a budget that raised the debt by ten trillion dollars over the next decade. The Senate shot it down 97-0. No one in the mainstream media has mentioned it since. Now, Obama is all about cutting debt... mainly by increasing revenue. Revenue is how Progressives pronounce the word 'taxes'.

Instead of bringing real solutions to our staggering debt, Obama and the rest of the Progs are more concerned with their reelection chances. They constantly pander to the clueless hordes of the entitlement society. Their latest talking point is the term 'corporate jets'. The evil corporate jets must be taxed to keep our country from defaulting!

Sure, Progs, go ahead and take away the rapid depreciation write offs for corporate jets. That would be less than a billion in 'revenue' against the 15+ trillion we're in debt now. But the liberal leaders know they can count on their base of non-taxpayers to swallow this whole.

The leaders of the liberal/progressive/socialist movement want increased class warfare and wealth envy. It's the one thing they can count on their base to buy into. Rich people are evil, tax dodgers... especially the ones in this administration, but that's another story.

The polls are showing Obama losing in 2012 to any Republican with a pulse, so expect this administration's "us vs them" message to get louder and louder. Obama has no accomplishments to get him reelected, so his message is that if you want to keep getting those government checks (like close to 50% are now) every month, you better vote for him.