Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim (Ace) Jong Il

One of the nuts that drove the Axis of Evil recently passed away. North Korean strongman, and 'Dear Leader', Kim Jong Il reportedly died due to "working too hard". I'll leave it to others to write his history, I'll stick to sports.

Yes, KJ was one hell of a sportsman. He holds records in golf that may never be equaled. In 1994, during his first round of golf on a regulation golf course, he scored 11 holes-in-one! And, carded an amazing 38 under par!

Why haven't the PGA and the sports world in general given this man his due? He had dozens of witnesses (his personal bodyguards) to that round, but he still is not in the record books? He probably never went pro because he was busy despoting and tyranting and such.

Let's open the door of friendship with North Korea, and admit that KJ Il was the greatest golfer of all time!

Friday, December 2, 2011

That Uppity Cain!

I suppose when a candidate has absolutely no record to convince voters that he deserves to be reelected he must constantly try to defame the other candidates. President Obama has only Seal Team Six to thank for anything "he" has accomplished in his first term. So, Obama's minions and the main stream media (redundancy alert) have one chance in hell at reelection.... by destroying the reputations of any serious challengers.

Not content with allowing the sketchy public records of the Republican field to sink themselves, certain operatives have resorted to the lynching of Herman Cain via biased media outlets. A steady parade of dead beat women have been trotted out with claims against Cain. The media has ran with these stories despite a lack of proof, witnesses, or evidence.

Two decades ago Clarence Thomas, another conservative black man, faced bogus claims of a sexual nature as he was being nominated to the Supreme Court. The liberal, main stream press have no problems painting a conservative black man as some kind of sex maniac who can't control his animal urges.

As long as blacks know their place, and stay on the Democrat plantation, they will be built up, not torn down, by the liberal press. If a conservative black had committed even one of Jesse Jackson's public gaffes, he would have been banished to Antarctica long ago.