Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years

We thought it was a fluke the first time around, when a "community activist" got himself elected as President of the greatest nation on the planet. So, what do we make of it happening again... four years later? Four years of stagnation, lies, partisanship, and a total lack of transparency. What happened?


Take the fucking gloves off! The GOP falls all over itself, playing nicey nice, so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Independents, moderates, and women. Guess what? They aren't voting for the Republican anyway! You just lost to the worst President of all time because you didn't want to seem like a big meanie.


Nationally, the Republican Party is dead as we know it. Good! The Religious Right has undermined the GOP for the last two Presidential races. Leave talk of abortion, birth control, and gay rights out of my politics! Keep it in your church, or start your own political party.


None of the above matters if the GOP doesn't reinvent itself. Today's majority is not looking for solutions to problems. The less they know about problems, the better. To them, it's all about emotions. Prey on their fears and beliefs. If they don't have any, invent some for them, just as the Dems would.

The ten million new voters since 2008 skewed much younger and non-white. The opposite of the GOP... old and white. Get out there and show Latinos, Jews, and women why the Republican Party is the party for working, tax paying, voters. Or, do nothing, and lose national elections until they stop having them.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

He Meant Every Word

Last week President Obama went public with his anti-business, collectivism, view for America. Unless you get all your news from ABC, CBS, or NBC, you have heard excerpts from his speech last Friday in Roanoke, Virginia.

While Obama's apologists claim that portions of the speech were taken out of context, there is no doubt that every word he said was carefully crafted to promote his class warfare strategy for reelection. He would have his followers believe that the successful are ruthless, greedy, and don't pay their fair share. Never mind that the successful are paying most of this nation's taxes.

His statement that, "If you’ve got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.", would be laughable if it were not borderline Communist babble. He also mentioned that it's not just hard work and intelligence that creates a successful business.... his way of saying that successful people are just luckier than his entitlement base. 

He feels that government is mostly responsible for any business's success. From roads, to schools, to police and fire protection..... how would he explain the 80% of new businesses that fail? Even though they also have these government services. If government is responsible for profitable businesses, should they not also be accountable for the vast majority that fail? 

The entire speech was nothing more than Obama telling his base that they are as smart and work as hard as business owners... and, in fact, they deserve a lot of credit for those that succeed. The speech featured the Divider in Chief telling them that everyone gets a "participation trophy" in his America. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Newt's Tale

*** Get ready for major bimbo eruptions along the Gingrich heat wave after he surged in South Carolina.

*** The main stream media just doesn't get it. They didn't notice the cheers Newt received when he eviscerated the hack moderator to kick off Thursday night's debate?

*** They brought Herman Cain down with no evidence, but Cain has integrity and a wife he cares about. Newt has no shame! He won't be brought down by bimbos.

*** Lock of the year: When the bimbo eruptions don't hurt Newt, the msm will move on to the race card. Somewhere, somehow, they'll have witnesses of Newt being RAYCESS!

*** Am I the only one who did not hear Newt request an open marriage in the quote that his ex-wife blabbed on ABC?

*** Then Newt claimed that any of his friends from back then could have told ABC that the quote was false. Huh? Who tells their friends about asking his wife for an open marriage?

*** Most likely: Newt grew tired of the lack of affection from wife number two and moved on.

*** Why would a second wife be surprised, hurt, or angry when the guy that cheated on wife number one with her goes after future wife number three?

*** How many msm 'reporters' are on the trail hunting Newt's past conquests, and trying to get them to come forward? 100? 1000? Reporters, not conquests.

*** How many past conquests live in Chicago? In David Axlerod's building?

*** Newt is the only guy that scares the (oxymoron alert!) administration and the msm. They would never let Obama engage him in an open debate.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim (Ace) Jong Il

One of the nuts that drove the Axis of Evil recently passed away. North Korean strongman, and 'Dear Leader', Kim Jong Il reportedly died due to "working too hard". I'll leave it to others to write his history, I'll stick to sports.

Yes, KJ was one hell of a sportsman. He holds records in golf that may never be equaled. In 1994, during his first round of golf on a regulation golf course, he scored 11 holes-in-one! And, carded an amazing 38 under par!

Why haven't the PGA and the sports world in general given this man his due? He had dozens of witnesses (his personal bodyguards) to that round, but he still is not in the record books? He probably never went pro because he was busy despoting and tyranting and such.

Let's open the door of friendship with North Korea, and admit that KJ Il was the greatest golfer of all time!

Friday, December 2, 2011

That Uppity Cain!

I suppose when a candidate has absolutely no record to convince voters that he deserves to be reelected he must constantly try to defame the other candidates. President Obama has only Seal Team Six to thank for anything "he" has accomplished in his first term. So, Obama's minions and the main stream media (redundancy alert) have one chance in hell at reelection.... by destroying the reputations of any serious challengers.

Not content with allowing the sketchy public records of the Republican field to sink themselves, certain operatives have resorted to the lynching of Herman Cain via biased media outlets. A steady parade of dead beat women have been trotted out with claims against Cain. The media has ran with these stories despite a lack of proof, witnesses, or evidence.

Two decades ago Clarence Thomas, another conservative black man, faced bogus claims of a sexual nature as he was being nominated to the Supreme Court. The liberal, main stream press have no problems painting a conservative black man as some kind of sex maniac who can't control his animal urges.

As long as blacks know their place, and stay on the Democrat plantation, they will be built up, not torn down, by the liberal press. If a conservative black had committed even one of Jesse Jackson's public gaffes, he would have been banished to Antarctica long ago.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Corporate Jets are Killing U.S. Economy

Just five or six months ago Barack Obama floated a budget that raised the debt by ten trillion dollars over the next decade. The Senate shot it down 97-0. No one in the mainstream media has mentioned it since. Now, Obama is all about cutting debt... mainly by increasing revenue. Revenue is how Progressives pronounce the word 'taxes'.

Instead of bringing real solutions to our staggering debt, Obama and the rest of the Progs are more concerned with their reelection chances. They constantly pander to the clueless hordes of the entitlement society. Their latest talking point is the term 'corporate jets'. The evil corporate jets must be taxed to keep our country from defaulting!

Sure, Progs, go ahead and take away the rapid depreciation write offs for corporate jets. That would be less than a billion in 'revenue' against the 15+ trillion we're in debt now. But the liberal leaders know they can count on their base of non-taxpayers to swallow this whole.

The leaders of the liberal/progressive/socialist movement want increased class warfare and wealth envy. It's the one thing they can count on their base to buy into. Rich people are evil, tax dodgers... especially the ones in this administration, but that's another story.

The polls are showing Obama losing in 2012 to any Republican with a pulse, so expect this administration's "us vs them" message to get louder and louder. Obama has no accomplishments to get him reelected, so his message is that if you want to keep getting those government checks (like close to 50% are now) every month, you better vote for him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Unprogressive Progressive

Most rational people know that job creation is almost non-existent because employers will not hire people right now due to uncertainty about the future. They don't know what the tax structure will be in two years, they don't know if they will be forced to supply healthcare, and they have no idea if the EPA will backdoor cap and trade sanctions on them. They simply will not hire new people as long as the current administration continues to foist unpopular, anti-business, socialism upon them.

Earlier this week President Obama tried to blame ATMs and airport self-serve kiosks for high unemployment numbers; as if ATMs are displacing bank tellers. He can not possibly be that stupid, but he evidently believes his supporters are. As usual the main stream media overlooked this outright lie. Imagine the uproar if Sarah Palin uttered the same inanities as the man from Harvard.

The number of bank tellers is steadily rising, and the Bureau of Labor statistics predicts "favorable" job prospects for tellers over the next decade. So, try again, sir. Perhaps, your base will believe that the automobile industry is keeping all of the blacksmiths out of work. Or, the light bulb factories are responsible for all the candle makers currently on unemployment.