Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drain That Swamp!

In less than two weeks a Conservative tide will swamp the House and Senate. Conservative, not just Republican, as several Tea Party, and some Libertarian, candidates will be swept in by the backlash against this administration. The Lefties have already thrown in the towel, giving up on seats that they know are lost.

It's certainly no surprise that all of the seats they have thrown under the bus are currently assed by Democrats that voted for Obamacare. Yet, the Progressive base doesn't want to see any correlation. And these are the self proclaimed intellectuals?

The coming landslide of Reagan-like proportions, will be a moratorium on this administration. There is no other explanation for the coming beat-down. Of course, the Prog Elitists are already giving their useful idiots some talking points to babble forth.

Number one excuse.... The American voters are not smart enough to know what's good for them. I suppose that just changed in the last two years?

Number two excuse.... The American voters are racists. But, just two years ago they weren't.

Number three excuse.... We shouldn't have: added 23% to the deficit in two years, kept unemployment at 10%, used stimulus money for nothing more than to pay off unions, and kept blaming an ex-President for everything!

Hah, just kidding with number three. There's no way any of that would make folks come out and vote against you.

Fear not, fellow Americans, Pelosi's swamp is about to be drained.