Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Scares Liberals

Just what are liberals scared of? I mean, besides the free market and personal freedom? It didn't take long to come up with this short list. I'm sure there are dozens more, chime in with some of your own. Here we go, in no particular order....

Fox News.... The network that let's, "you decide" terrifies the libs. Liberals believe that only they have the intellect and cerebral makeup to watch news and form their own judgments on what actually happened. The poor, dumb, conservatives just don't have what it takes upstairs to watch Fox and read between the lines. Oh, by the way, that line of thinking is from the same folks who believe every word that Olbermann, Maddow, Maher, and Stewart say.

Sarah Palin....Why do liberals despise her? Why all the vicious personal attacks? It's not like she wants to turn the country upside down with "change". I'll be the first to admit, she's probably never had an original idea in her life, but, then, neither has Obama. So she plays the sincerity angle to the hilt. So what, it's her gimmick. No need for the name calling. Did you ever consider that she actually may be sincere?

Money.... Well, only when someone else earns it. For the most part, liberals have never ran a business, and, no, your one employee, water purifier flop doesn't count. The Kennedys and the Gores got their money the liberal way... they inherited it. So, they have no problem taking (taxing) other hard-working folks' money away from them. The basic ways that liberals survive are inheritance, union jobs, academia, government jobs, and entitlement hand outs. You can see that none of these require any business sense, yet the lib politicians think they know, better than the owners, how to run businesses.

Rush Limbaugh....I'm constantly amazed at how many libs must listen to him everyday. They always seem to know what he said,and what he was wrong about. Or, they just fall back to their standard practice of name calling. Just as with Fox News, liberals feel it is their moral duty as the nation's intellectual superiors to save Limbaugh's 20 million listeners from his daily dose of dogma. I listen to him more than I would like... because no other stations will program anything against him for those three, early afternoon hours! I can easily determine when he is joking, when he is stretching the truth, and when he is outright wrong. Relax, libs, he doesn't have 20 million zombies lock-stepping to the polls. Unlike the libs, most rational thinkers get their information from several different outlets.

Clowns..... Yes, clowns scare liberals. Ronald McDonald in particular. Not only is he scary, but he makes our kids overeat his unhealthy foods! Does anyone with an IQ in triple digits think that killing off ol' Ronald is going to slim these kids down? How about a little personal responsibility from their parents? I kinda doubt that those kids are driving themselves to McDonalds.