Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emotion vs Logic?

Progressives are very impressive with their sleight of hand, magic act. Their policies will never hold up in serious, open minded debate. So, they flip the script, and get the great unwashed masses to look at the other hand... instead of the one double dealing.

For instance, Arizona passes a law to uphold existing federal law regarding immigrants... legal and otherwise. In the early 1950s the feds passed a law requiring all immigrants to have their "papers" on their person.... at all times! This law is still on the books. The Prez knows this. He is, after all, a lawyer.

Yet, there he is, former house mouthpiece for ACORN, not mentioning that the Arizona law is not really new. That it is nothing more than a statement that, since the feds can't (or don't want to) do it, Arizona will pack up illegal trespassers. No, Obama says that it's a bad bill, and goes off on some fairy tale about someone's kid not getting ice cream because the Arizona police harassed their Papa.

This is how smart the Progressives consider their base to be? "We can't debate the law and actual events as we'd lose every time. Instead, let's say, 'it's for the children', and 'poor people', and always, always, play the race angle." Congratulations, Democrat voters, this is how little regard your leaders have for you. They trot out the same lame arguments time after time because they know you will respond emotionally instead of logically.

Class warfare, wealth envy, and the race card. All three, giant steps towards socialism, or communism even. Please check your Progressive leadership's next response to any of their opposition's ideas and see how many of those three building blocks are involved.... again.


  1. Gene, Everyone in the choir just stood up and said AMEN!

    I'm afraid we're up against a long term plan that was spawned many years ago and is now coming to fruition. Obama got elected based on premises that were not truthful. He and his people have our country barreling down a road in a car with failing brakes. Can we get it stopped in time or are we already doomed to hurtle off the cliff into the abyss of Europena Socialism or worse?

    Remember Ronald Reagan's "Shining city on the hill" vision of America? Well that's in America's rear view mirror and Obama's behind the wheel... God help us!

  2. I hear in 2011 we all will be taxed an additional 150.00 to 250.00 dollars a month for a tax to cover long term health care for the elderly that need to be put in a nursing home. The rather questionable issue is no one can draw from it for another 5 to 10 years. Where is all that money going?