Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drain That Swamp!

In less than two weeks a Conservative tide will swamp the House and Senate. Conservative, not just Republican, as several Tea Party, and some Libertarian, candidates will be swept in by the backlash against this administration. The Lefties have already thrown in the towel, giving up on seats that they know are lost.

It's certainly no surprise that all of the seats they have thrown under the bus are currently assed by Democrats that voted for Obamacare. Yet, the Progressive base doesn't want to see any correlation. And these are the self proclaimed intellectuals?

The coming landslide of Reagan-like proportions, will be a moratorium on this administration. There is no other explanation for the coming beat-down. Of course, the Prog Elitists are already giving their useful idiots some talking points to babble forth.

Number one excuse.... The American voters are not smart enough to know what's good for them. I suppose that just changed in the last two years?

Number two excuse.... The American voters are racists. But, just two years ago they weren't.

Number three excuse.... We shouldn't have: added 23% to the deficit in two years, kept unemployment at 10%, used stimulus money for nothing more than to pay off unions, and kept blaming an ex-President for everything!

Hah, just kidding with number three. There's no way any of that would make folks come out and vote against you.

Fear not, fellow Americans, Pelosi's swamp is about to be drained.


  1. You preachin' to the choir again reverend?

    I'd like to think of the Tea Party as a cross section of America. Not just Conservatives or Libertarians or Moderates or Whites or Christians or whatever else seems to get hung on them. It's a group of Americans not doing what's best for them personally but doing what's best for our country. If all indications are correct and Congressional power is jerked away from the leftists and there is any whiff of politics as usual I want to snuff it out ASAP... There's simply too much at stake. We as a people cannot allow politics as usual.

    I'm sorely worried gridlock is next on the agenda. Nothing will be accomplished and the wishy washy centrists in this country will once again drink up whatever the leftists serve them and it will be the end of us.

    The Tea Party can't just go away. We've got to be vigilant!

  2. D-One... Plenty of business-as-usual Republicans have leeched onto the Tea Party. Those guys, and gals, have no intention of changing the status quo in Washington. Hopefully some of the Tea Party's idea's of less government and lower taxes will see the light of day.

    Like you,I believe we will see two years of stonewalling.... with nothing being accomplished. The only hope would be that Obama wants to be reelected. Then, like Clinton in the mid-90s, he would have to move to the center and go along to get along. And then, unlike Clinton, NOT be reelected!

  3. Gene...

    Obama doesn't have a clue. There won't be any Clintonesque maneuvering going on. He's a dyed in the wool socialist in the least and more likely a communist.

    I know you pooh-poohed my thoughts about BHO not being from our country but the movement to get to the bottom of where he was born is on-going. What if the senate has the votes to investigate what could be the biggest sham in our country's history? Then suppose the truth actually comes out (why haven't they just produced evidence otherwise if it's not true?)... You talk about a mess. All the legislation passed and signed into law by BHO would have to be thrown out.

    I'm hearing rumblings that a conservative senate just might do it. Pay attention to where BHO has been campaigning. It's exclusively for senatorial races...

    It won't be long now!

  4. He's definitely a Marxist.

    I would not be surprised if he was not US-born. The investigation would just be a big waste of time, though. He would drag it into the federal, or Supreme court... and they would either, choose not to hear the case, or find in his favor.