Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Trip to The Post Office

Let me say first that I have not been to the Post Office in several years. I have a personal mail box at a private postal service, Postal Pal, which has excellent service. Yet, somehow, in this age of direct payments, I found myself in need of one stamp the other day.

I was close to the Post Office on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston. I last visited there more than ten years ago; you know, back when they still had stamp machines that took cash. As I pulled in, I noticed the lot was almost full, except for the three handicap spaces up front. Three? No matter, all I needed was the one stamp, I'd pop in and out in no time.

Upon entering the lobby, I spied the new fangled, postage machine, with fully functioning side scale. After waiting for the golden-ager ahead of me to complete his business, I stepped up and began touching the touch screen. Oh, by the way, it doesn't dispense stamps, it prints out the amount like a postage meter.

After the mini-ordeal of five or six screens to buy a stamp, the last screen said insert credit card. Great! I don't carry a wallet. I just leave my license, cards, etc in my car's console until I need them. So, back outside to get a credit card, back by the three, still vacant, handicapped spots, back by the twenty people still waiting for the next available USPS clerk, back inside to wait behind the three people who were once waiting behind me at the postage machine.

Now that I know that I need to bring a credit card to buy a forty-four cent stamp I probably won't be back, but I do love that postage dispenser. Just one thought for the highly efficient folks in postal blue.... Why don't you put up a couple of signs that say, 'No Cash, Credit Only'!


  1. That's why I'm about ready to tell people if they want me to mail them something, they;d better include a postage paid envelope.

    Went to USPS a couple of months ago to send a box of baby gifts for Gunny and his family. Drove 2 miles to the post office, and waited in line 45 minutes to save $2.00 over UPS. Next time, I'll drive 5 blocks to Office Depot and ship it UPS.

    And we won't even discuss the incompetent letter carriers.

  2. You think the USPS is something... Can you imagine how efficient government run health care will be? People will be dying in the waiting rooms...

  3. SB... Oh yes. I always figure in the waiting time based on what I consider my hourly time to be worth. LOL

    Dwindy...Privatize everything except the military ..... and save money.

  4. Gene, Gene, do what I do when you need just one - tape 44 cents to the outside of the envelope and call it good!

    I order postal supplies via the mail thru my business - that seems to work well enough as long as I am ahead of the curve on supplies. They actually use their own mail system pretty good! LOL

  5. Kris... I'll have to try the coin postage.. lol

    The rates usually go up before the last book of stamps I bought is used up.