Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fight to Stay on Top

Like it or not the USA is at the top of the food chain. We waste stuff because we can. We throw crap away that two thirds of the world would take home and, either eat it, or hang it on the wall of their hut. Excess is earned, and we have earned the hell out of it.

Over two hundred years ago we risked our lives, our homes, and our sacred honor for freedom. We have fought to keep what we earn ever since. Back then, we had less natural resources and, or, fewer people than Asia, Africa, S America, etc. We could have settled for sleeping on the dirt and peeing outside the hut's door. Half the world still lives like that, but, instead, we worked our way up to the title of World's Greatest Superpower!

This wasn't luck, or an accident, or fate. This was because our people had a will to win, a sense of adventure, curiosity to invent things, and took pride in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Do you know what crushes all those attributes? The Ism's. Socialism, Communism, Marxism.

The majority of the rest of the planet has fallen for these 'don't work, we'll take care of you' entitlement schemes. Are any of these Socialistic countries producing wealth for the people, inventing any new technologies, or exporting any high quality goods? The poorest in our society have a higher standard of living than the average European.

The best thing about the current administration is that it has opened our eyes to see just how easy it is to lose everything that we've worked for. Okay, we have seen it, now it's time to beat them back into the fringes of society.

Make no mistake, as long as the youth are led about by emotions and dreams, the Ism's will never completely disappear. Something for nothing, greed, class envy, race warfare, are all the clarion call to idle dreamers with no knowledge of government, business, or economy.

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