Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim (Ace) Jong Il

One of the nuts that drove the Axis of Evil recently passed away. North Korean strongman, and 'Dear Leader', Kim Jong Il reportedly died due to "working too hard". I'll leave it to others to write his history, I'll stick to sports.

Yes, KJ was one hell of a sportsman. He holds records in golf that may never be equaled. In 1994, during his first round of golf on a regulation golf course, he scored 11 holes-in-one! And, carded an amazing 38 under par!

Why haven't the PGA and the sports world in general given this man his due? He had dozens of witnesses (his personal bodyguards) to that round, but he still is not in the record books? He probably never went pro because he was busy despoting and tyranting and such.

Let's open the door of friendship with North Korea, and admit that KJ Il was the greatest golfer of all time!


  1. I think for the last 11 holes, his playing partners were giving him 'gimmies' as soon as he teed up.