Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Newt's Tale

*** Get ready for major bimbo eruptions along the Gingrich heat wave after he surged in South Carolina.

*** The main stream media just doesn't get it. They didn't notice the cheers Newt received when he eviscerated the hack moderator to kick off Thursday night's debate?

*** They brought Herman Cain down with no evidence, but Cain has integrity and a wife he cares about. Newt has no shame! He won't be brought down by bimbos.

*** Lock of the year: When the bimbo eruptions don't hurt Newt, the msm will move on to the race card. Somewhere, somehow, they'll have witnesses of Newt being RAYCESS!

*** Am I the only one who did not hear Newt request an open marriage in the quote that his ex-wife blabbed on ABC?

*** Then Newt claimed that any of his friends from back then could have told ABC that the quote was false. Huh? Who tells their friends about asking his wife for an open marriage?

*** Most likely: Newt grew tired of the lack of affection from wife number two and moved on.

*** Why would a second wife be surprised, hurt, or angry when the guy that cheated on wife number one with her goes after future wife number three?

*** How many msm 'reporters' are on the trail hunting Newt's past conquests, and trying to get them to come forward? 100? 1000? Reporters, not conquests.

*** How many past conquests live in Chicago? In David Axlerod's building?

*** Newt is the only guy that scares the (oxymoron alert!) administration and the msm. They would never let Obama engage him in an open debate.


  1. Seems Newt's the only one who can stand the heat... and dishes more than he gets... Several FOX news commentators (pro Obama Lite and pro Obama alike) have been stung trying to nail Gingrich. Now Romney's pushing to see Newt's Fannie Mae pay stubs, like consulting is a BIG problem... Romney asked for this when his PAC went after Gingrich in the first place... Whoever's making these decisions for the Romney campaign has got their tit in the ringer!

  2. Dwindy... Newt has a feel for what the conservatives want to see.... a fighter! Not an appeaser. They want to see someone, anyone, stand up to his competitors, the media, and most importantly, someone who will not play nice with Obama! That beatdown Newt gave John King Thursday night won SC for him! In 90 seconds he locked up a primary!

    Look for Mitt to show his fangs in Florida, as he tries to capture some of Newt's intensity. He'll fail with that because he doesn't have that mean streak like Newt.