Thursday, July 19, 2012

He Meant Every Word

Last week President Obama went public with his anti-business, collectivism, view for America. Unless you get all your news from ABC, CBS, or NBC, you have heard excerpts from his speech last Friday in Roanoke, Virginia.

While Obama's apologists claim that portions of the speech were taken out of context, there is no doubt that every word he said was carefully crafted to promote his class warfare strategy for reelection. He would have his followers believe that the successful are ruthless, greedy, and don't pay their fair share. Never mind that the successful are paying most of this nation's taxes.

His statement that, "If you’ve got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.", would be laughable if it were not borderline Communist babble. He also mentioned that it's not just hard work and intelligence that creates a successful business.... his way of saying that successful people are just luckier than his entitlement base. 

He feels that government is mostly responsible for any business's success. From roads, to schools, to police and fire protection..... how would he explain the 80% of new businesses that fail? Even though they also have these government services. If government is responsible for profitable businesses, should they not also be accountable for the vast majority that fail? 

The entire speech was nothing more than Obama telling his base that they are as smart and work as hard as business owners... and, in fact, they deserve a lot of credit for those that succeed. The speech featured the Divider in Chief telling them that everyone gets a "participation trophy" in his America. 


  1. Being in agriculture most of my life I watched as government regulations took down small family farmers in a step by step process until the small farmer, once able to raise a family and live a good life through hard work, has now become a thing of the past... These government mandates were made possible by the labor unionists, the environmentalists and ridiculous safety regulators, who all gained their positions of power by way of the left...

    In other words, government was responsible for destroying one of the basic fabrics of American society and moved its victims into a life they never intended to live...

  2. Right, Dwindy, businesses succeed in spite of, not because of, government. Of course, he knows his base hasn't a clue about how business works.